Why Made by Missie?
12 months ago I found myself longing to do something to fill a hole within my heart and life. My life had been turned upside down and inside out after my 22 year marriage ended suddenly.

Life around me was dark and I felt it was just passing me by without any vibration, colour or light. I decided to teach myself to sew. Out with the old sewing machine which was given to me as a child, off to Spotlight to buy a pattern and a bag of bright and happy material. After a short while I realised how much love and enjoyment there was in designing and creating, joining material together to create a piece of Material Art - fashionable and funky overalls to wear.
It all started with a dream and a vision - something for me to sink my teeth into - something no one had ever done before, something original, just like me. Something "out of the box"! Why should we all be the same, dress the same, act the same. Where is the individuality in that? So I decided the brighter the better, the crazier the better, the more out there the better. Why blend into the crowd when you can stand out and be yourself.

Then a thought came to me - why don't I give the rest of the people in the world the ability to feel the same as I do when I wear a pair of these overalls? Why shouldn't the rest of the world have passion, light and confidence in their appearance? I decided to create a business called "Made by Missie".
It's not easier standing out, being that person that looks at life with an open mind and wants to feel bright, happy and smart in a pair of original Made by Missie overalls. Once you put a pair of my overalls on you will feel the love and the passion they were made with. Each pair is hand crafted and can take up to 3 days to complete. Each pair is numbered and is a limited edition. No other pair will ever be the same.

Depending on the day is depending what creations come to mind, some days they are more subtle and some days they are over the top. That is the best thing about being creative and allowing the passion of life to flow from my mind to the sewing needle. When you love your job nothing is ever a chore.
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The assistant
Introducing Made by Missie's number #1 fan and assistant “Rusty.” Maybe it’s the sound of the sewing machine, the company of mum doing what she loves or the smell of the fabric. But each pair of Made by Mssie overalls are cross checked and given the tick of approval by Rusty. Rusty is normally the first one in the sewing room of a morning and the last to leave at night. His favourite colours are purple, pink and blue so if you are allergic to cats maybe a pair of Made by Missie overalls aren’t for you.
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